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Love by the Beach

How do I love thee? Let me count the WAVES (haha!) Cheesy but who doesn’t love beach wedding, right? Boracay is a favorite destination for weddings. We personally adore the island; been there several times and honestly it’s our number one favorite place in the country.

When the couple decided Boracay to be the destination of their big day, excited to the highest level, it brought us to the point of offering our coordination service for free as long as they would shoulder our airfare and accommodation. But of course that didn’t happen (lols!).

Darwin and Mayet’s wedding was one of those events that would make you wish you were invited. It was very intimate (20 guests only), overflowing with love, effortless and casual, plus the awesome Boracay sand and sunset just made everything perfect.

Check out these beautiful photos and video by Enrico Nepomuceno to understand why we can’t stop loving Boracay and why this wedding was more of a vacation to us than work. And don’t you ever missed the VOW that will take you to the highest maximum kilig ever.

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